Friday, October 1, 2010

Ridge Racer 7

First up is Ridge Racer 7

I'll start by saying that this is pretty much the same game as the psp versions with little extra content.
Same race courses you could find in most of the past installments remade for the current gen but with a few new vehicles.

The game starts of pretty stupidly easy and boring and stays that way for a long time.
From the get go the physics are laughably bad, It might be an arcade style game but it's still funny how you can drift backwards in hairpin turns thanks to the joke drift system that sets your car on a rail once you start a drift, freeing you from having to actually steer around any corners.
Feather more, if another racer hits you from behind, it'll speed you up, as opposed to damage your vehicle or even make you lose control.

It does become a bit fun latter into the game once you get the best cars, but it takes a long time with a lot of racing  to get to that point.

The super and special vehicles in the game like with past installments in the line are rather interesting.
but because you can't modify them, they're damn near useless.
Most of them have lower stats then the normal cars, so it's almost like, why bother?

In conclusion, I won't say it's a bad game, but it's not awesome either.
If you happened to find it for a really good price and have lots of time to kill it might be worth trying, but there's many many better racing games out there.


  1. I used to love ridge racer 3 when I was younger

  2. cars and speeds, good things come together

  3. Oh my gosh those graphics look amazing! :O Especially the top one

  4. looks good... curse my graphics card, curse it!

  5. Doesn't sound like the epitome of racing games, I think I'll be passing!

  6. Cover art looked cool, and was thinking about picking it up for cheap, but yeah. I think I'll just wait for GT5.

  7. graphics look sick, but its a little too unrealistic for my tastes. Gran Turismo games 4 life!